Small Medium Enterprises (SME) Resources

Board of Advisors
Board of Advisors can give smaller companies big competitive advantage

Board of Advisors, a growth path for small and medium enterprises

Knud B. Jensen, “Reconceptualizing the Board and it’s Metrics,” Ivey Business Journal, July/August 2014

Board of Advisor Setup Illustration

Business Plans

What is a business plan and what is the purpose of a business plan.


Industry Dynamics and Change – this supplement was written to provide the participants in Growing Ontario Firms with an understanding of the concepts of business strategy.

Growing Ontario Firms was a three-year program, funded by the Ontario Government, and delivered across Ontario to small and medium enterprises. It comprised a series of lectures, seminars, working sessions, and coaching involving companies in mid-size Ontario cities. It was created and delivered by Knud Jensen and two other professors from the Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University.

SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats – a Business Tool for Spotting Opportunities

Marketing & Trends

Future Proof Your Business – Series

The Goal for 2022 – Strive for Resilience

Inflation Increase Cost – Decreasing Purchasing Power


Company Performance and Financial Analysis – supplement to a text book on strategy


Knud B. Jensen and Erik Jensen, “Battling Bias,” Ivey Business Journal, September/October 2017


Before You Build – Is the Foundation Solid?


  • IRAP
    • Industrial Research Assistance Program, part of the National Research Council of Canada
    • Contact:  1-877-994-4727,
    • Helps small and medium businesses     
    • Financial support for technology innovation     
    • Funds to hire new graduates
  • Business Development Bank of Canada
    • crown corporation owned by the Government of Canada
    • Contact:  1-877-232-2269,     
    • Provides business loans for small and medium businesses   
    • Offers non-traditional bank financing for entrepreneurs   
    • Offers venture capital     
    • Has a number of articles and tools on their website
  • Lawyer:  Peter B. Jensen
    • Contact:     
    • Legal practice focused on small and medium businesses     
    • Reasonable cost   
    • Virtual consultations     
    • Experienced